Being in a relationship is a cute and responsibility kind of thing. You are responsible for each other’s time, emotions and all kinds of other affairs. You need to be available for their emotional needs as well as the physical needs as much as possible. This is how a relationship works always on the give and take end, if there is more give than take then there is a definite end to the relationship really soon.

This is Joey who is acting the exact same scene from the movie where a guy approaches another man for his woman and for that woman he is willing to pay a handsome amount. All he wants is to spend a night with her girl and this guy has raised the stake to about $11k. Now what do you think how many men would have the heart to let go of their women for a night with a strange guy and the to be able to accept her when she comes back. This is indeed one of the most honor based prank or experiment that I have ever seen. The results for this are shocking.



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